Wind will lessen, but temps to drop rapidly today

Staff report

Winds gusting across Northern Nevada may fall to about 25 mph, but the chill factor will increase for the Carson City area.

Temperatures are expected to only reach the mid-20s today, with Carson City at a daytime high of 26. Winds are to be from the west at 14 mph, gusting to 23 mph.

The National Weather Service in Reno says a second low front moving over Northern Nevada with freezing Arctic air brings with it a 70 percent probability of measurable precipitation.

Snow in the morning will turn to snow showers with a 2-inch accumulation possible.

Today's overnight low is expected to be 9 degrees with a 70 percent chance of precipitation. Winds will be from the northeast at 12 mph.

The gusty winds today could send wind chills below zero in the valleys of Northern Nevada and into the 30- to 40-degree below zero mark in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada.

Pets and livestock should be provided adequate protection from the cold. Exposed water pipes in danger of freezing and bursting should be insulated.

The weekend outlook for the Carson City area is for partly cloudy to clear skies with daytime highs near freezing, and overnight lows 5-10 degrees.

With consistent below freezing temps any moisture on the ground is going to be frozen. Drivers especially need to be careful.

Travel slowly and leave ample space behind other vehicles, warned Curtis Horton, the city's deputy public works operations manager.

"Just exercise caution and leave a little earlier to get to your destination," he said.

Carson City's Public Works employees are preparing for the snow and cold to arrive. The snowplows are standing ready. Employees are on standby in case they are needed, he said.

Horton also cautions drivers that even after streets are sanded, more snow falls and cinder blows away so the surface can still be slick and potentially dangerous.

Other things to watch for in this type of weather: Blocked storm drains, heavy ice in stopping areas and obstructions that have fallen into the streets.

Call public works at 887-2355 and follow the recorded instructions that help you determine how dangerous the situation could be.

If it's a potentially life-threatening situation, call 911.


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