Liz Teixeira recovering from sudden illness

The Teixeiras are breathing a sigh of relief after Liz fell mysteriously ill and nearly died last weekend.

"I kind of touched the edge," Liz said.

"It scared the living hell out of me," Mayor Marv Teixeira said about it all.

The mayor said that after Liz noticed she had developed a rash she went to urgent care, received treatment and medicine, then went home to rest.

By Sunday, however, the rash had become bright red welts and spread all over her body.

"I was feeling real lousy," Liz said. "I told Marv, 'You'd better take me to the emergency room.'"

While on top of a gurney drinking some water, "I started feeling myself start to black out," she remembered. "People were running in and trying to get IVs into me, and there were some kind of convulsions."

She also remembers hearing a voice, "even when everything was dark." She thinks it was the doctor.

"They couldn't get her blood pressure. No pulse," he said. "The doctors and nurses were running around."

Liz went into cardiac arrest and required three rounds of adrenaline to be brought back. She was released from Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon and has been at home resting.

She will undergo tests to figure out what might have caused the problem after all the medications are out of her system, the mayor said.

"They don't know if it was caused by food or medicine," she said.

Liz expects to be back at work after the three-day weekend - carrying medication to self-administer in case she falls ill again.

"The scary part," the mayor said, "what's not to say it's not going to happen again? It does put an edge on things."


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