Cable TV costs on the rise

Northern Nevada Charter Communications customers and some Dish Network subscribers will be paying a little more for services starting next month.

Charter Communications cable, digital TV and high-speed Internet customers will see rate increases from $1-$10 on Feb. 1, depending on the package, said Scott Dockery, company operations manager.

"I don't think it's any secret that programming costs continue to rise," he said Tuesday. "And to continue to provide quality programming and make investments that programmers are making, it's costing more money, which gets passed on to cable operators and subsequently the customers."

Changes include a $1 increase in the basic cable TV package from $16.25 to $17.25.

Most digital TV packages will see a $5 increase, unless the customer has both Charter Total View and Movie View, which means a $10 increase.

A new Charter digital TV customer will spend $61.30 a month for the lowest package, compared to $56.30.

The standard installation fee will remain $43.

A new cable TV customer will spend $46.50 a month, compared to $44.35 before the February rate increase.

This installation fee is also $43.

By mid-year, Charter will launch its telephone service in Carson City. Rates are expected to be announced in March, Dockery said.

Some Dish Network costs in Carson City are also increasing starting Feb. 1.

The premium movie package, which includes Cinemax, Starz and Showtime, will increase to $12.99.

The two top television packages will increase by $3, according to House of Drake in Carson City, which is a Dish Network retailer.

A spokeswoman with Dish Network said prices on the $19.99 Dish family package and the $29.99 America's top 60 package will not be increased until January 2008.

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Cable TV rates rise

Who will be affected: Northern Nevada Charter Communications customers

When: Feb. 1

Price changes in Carson City, Dayton and Storey County:

Basic cable will increase from $16.25 to $17.25 a month; expanded cable will increase from $28.10 to $29.25. Prices of Total View and Movie View digital packages will increase from $5 to $10. High-speed Internet, three megabit speed service, will increase from $41.99 to $43.99.

Dish Network price increases

Who will be affected: Subscribers to top packages and premium movie channels

When: Feb. 1

Price changes in Carson City: America's Top 200 package will increase from $39.99 to $42.99; America's Top 250 will increase from $49.99 to $52.99. Cinemax, Starz and Showtime movie packages will increase $1 to $12.99.

Sources: House of Drake, Charter Communications


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