Preacher shooter violates probation, gets prison

A Carson City man had his probation revoked and was sent to prison on Tuesday in the 2004 shooting of a Silver Springs preacher.

Juan Angel Martinez, 25, must serve 28 to 72 months in prison on a charge of principal to robbery with a deadly weapon. He was given three years' probation in August, but violated that probation with recent arrests on trafficking, possession of methamphetamine and using false identification.

On Nov. 14, 2004, Martinez and another man allegedly assaulted preacher Jonathan Stewart during a methamphetamine deal. Stewart testified he'd been in Nevada for one day to take over as pastor for a Silver Springs church when he asked a woman at the North Carson Street Albertsons if she knew where he could get some methamphetamine. Stewart admitted he'd been struggling with drug addictions for years.

The female took Stewart to a College Parkway apartment complex, where he allegedly met up with Martinez and another man. During the alleged drug deal, a fight broke out and Martinez shot Stewart in the head. The bullet grazed Stewart, and Martinez fled.

Also in court Tuesday, Lee Faron Ross, 28, pleaded guilty to felony reckless driving with substantial bodily harm in an accident in September.

According to court records, Faron was speeding south on Curry Street near Moses Street and Koontz Lane when he crossed the center line and struck head-on a northbound Mitsubishi Galant.

Ross and two passengers fled the scene.

Front-seat passenger Paul Simpson, 19, had to be extricated from the vehicle and was taken by helicopter to a Reno hospital.

Judge Bill Maddox said Simpson survived, despite respiratory failure and a fractured pelvis.

Ross faces 12 to 72 months in prison when sentenced March 6.

Other cases in District Court on Tuesday:

• Anthony Mata Aroz, 25, pleaded guilty to possession of controlled substance for purpose of sale.

• Jorge Luis Benitez-Gonzalez, was sentenced to 24 to 60 months in prison on charge of trafficking.

• Hugo Zambrano, 19, was sentenced to up to three years' probation with a sentence of 12 months in jail suspended on a charge of conspiracy to commit sex acts in public.

• Teresa Wendy Miranda Sotelo, 42, pleaded guilty to two counts of obtaining money under false pretenses. She will be sentenced March 6.

• Sue Balthus, 55, pleaded guilty to embezzlement in the theft of money from her employer Silver Hills Veterinary Hospital. She faces 12 to 60 months in prison and a $10,000 fine when sentenced March 6.

• Danny Edward Boydston, 43, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance. He will be sentenced March 6.

• Daniel Contreras, 46, was given up to five years' probation with a suspended sentence of 24 to 60 months in prison on a charge of battery causing substantial bodily harm.

• Darryl Dion Clark, 50, pleaded guilty failing to register his address as a convicted sex offender. He will be sentenced March 6.

• Greg Dolgin, 45, pleaded guilty to uttering a forged instrument.

• A trial was set for May 22 through May 25 for Gerald F. Karpe, 42, charged with felony rape of a victim under 16 years old.

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