New year brings new goals for Carson City

Finding more money to pay for services - and using those dollars more efficiently - is the guiding philosophy among the goals being presented to Carson City elected officials today.

Supervisors will consider at least four new goals to add to the list of nearly 30 items compiled in 2006. This year's suggestions also call for creating two new panels to review specific city services and how money is spent to provide them.

"We're addressing financial issues," said City Manager Linda Ritter. "It revolves around finances, but as a city, that's our focus right now."

The first goal is to develop policies addressing "the cyclical nature of sales tax revenues" that will provide long-term public services funding.

"Not spending incoming revenues on programs unless we can show they are sustained revenues is important," Ritter said.

When the city receives extra revenue that originates from businesses buying new equipment, this money should be used to pay for equipment the city requires and not to pay employee salaries or to finance services, she said.

"We need to make sure it's consistent funding before we allocate it," Ritter said.

The second and third goals target specific city services: public safety assistance and culture and recreation, such as parks and the library.

Both suggestions ask that volunteer groups of up to 12 people review these services and examine funding.

Those who study emergency-response services will focus on ensuring that needs are fulfilled and these required services can be provided in the future "within the city's current and/or future needs," Ritter stated.

Parks, recreation and library services provided today will be reviewed and upcoming needs identified. This panel will also "develop a recommendation for long-term funding for such services."

"We want to get people with interest and expertise in these areas," she said. "And we're looking for people who may have financial expertise."

Expenses related to running the groups also will be carefully scrutinized, Ritter said.

The last recommended goal highlights the recreation center plan and calls for locating, designing, and constructing it "within the financial confines of the city from both a capital and operations perspective."

"And topics not included on this list can be added," Ritter said.

Last year's list includes many ongoing projects such as freeway-related projects, outreach efforts, establishing code amendments to spur downtown improvement projects, and continuing the creation of a 10-year plan to end homelessness.

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If you go

WHAT: Carson City Board of

Supervisors meeting

WHEN: 8:30 a.m. today

WHERE: Sierra Room, Community Center, 851 E. William St.

In other business, the supervisors:

• Are expected to give final approval to the proposed federal lands bill and two, 14 percent water-rate increases - one in February, and the other in July.

• Will likely endorse budget plans that would leave a variety of city positions unfilled and reduce spending by more than $663,000 through June 30 and about another $1.4 million during the fiscal year beginning July 1.

• Should decide whether to ask state legislators to approve several pieces of city-oriented bills during the 2007 session, which starts Feb. 5.


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