Seniors citizens might be eligible for tax break

Some Carson City residents may be eligible for a refund through the Senior Citizens Property Tax Rent Assistance Program.

The filing period to participate in the program begins Thursday and ends April 30. Applicants must apply in their county of residence.

To qualify, applicants must be at least 62 years old by June 30. Their spouses can be any age.

The applicant's income - plus any income earned by their spouse - must not exceed $26,714 during 2006.

People only qualify if they've lived continuously in Nevada and paid rent or property taxes, or both, from at least July 1, 2006, until they file their application for this year. They also must be a Nevada resident when applying for this program.

No claim may be accepted if the liquid assets of the applicant and spouse combined are more than $150,000. No claim also may be accepted if the applicant and spouse's residence has an assessed value of more than $200,000. And the applicant and spouse cannot own other property with an assessed value exceeding $30,000.

To obtain an application or information about this program, call the Assessor's Office at 887-2130.

Anyone who has applied for this program in past years and doesn't received a pre-printed application by Feb. 15 should contact the Nevada Division for Aging Services, Senior Tax Program. Call 687-4826 or instate, toll free 1-866-212-7600, for another preprinted application.

Refunds will be between $5 and $500 and are mailed between July 15 and Sept. 30. The amounts are calculated from income, property taxes or rent paid, and adjusted for people other than the claimant and spouse who occupy the residence, for utilities included in rent, and for people living in a full-care facility.

For your information

To obtain an application or details about the tax-assistance program for seniors, call the Carson City Assessor's Office at 887-2130.


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