Park only one of the many projects on tap

The first phase of the Mark Twain park upgrade will cost about $829,858 and that money will be spent by June 30, according to Lyon County Engineer Dick Faber, who designed the park's master plan.

The first phase will make up the major portion of park tax money, $1,000 per residential unit paid by developers, that has been raised since the park tax ordinance was enacted two years ago, he said.

By the end of 2006, $1.27 million in park tax funds dedicated for use in Central Lyon County had been collected. Funds collected in each town must be used in the same area.

When the later phases are completed depends on the amount of park tax funds available, as well as the priorities set by the Central Lyon County Parks Advisory Board.

"It's up to the parks advisory board to decide how it is spent," he said. "Some of it will go to other parks."

Faber said the county will spend $100,000 for a two-acre park in the Riverpark subdivision that has already been approved by the advisory board. The developer, Reynan & Bardis, will donate the land and put up $50,000.

The Dayton Valley Events Center will get a concession stand and restrooms. Faber said bids for that project should be in by the end of the month.

There is also work scheduled on a planned park at the Santa Maria Ranch subdivision where the Carson Aquatic Trail for rafting enthusiasts will have its take-out.

Faber said beyond those projects, it was up to the advisory board to decide priorities. "All of the parks have needs of some sort. They have to choose which ones they want to focus on.

"I'm attempting to master-plan each park and provide information to the advisory board to see where they want to go," he said.

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