Carson City supervisors comment about mayor's DUI

In wake of Mayor Marv Teixeira's DUI arrest, should he resign from office?

Ward 1 Supervisor Robin Williamson: No I don't think so. He made an error in judgment and is owning up to that. It's a personal judicial issue. I'm not going to ask for his resignation, and it's not appropriate to do so.

Ward 2 Supervisor Shelly Aldean: Absolutely not. I think a man has to be measured by his accomplishments and contributions, not on a momentary indiscretion.

Ward 3 Supervisor Pete Livermore: He's a big boy. I don't know if it's his first arrest, but I assume it is. It's up to him to resign - if that's his choice. Big boys sometimes make mistakes. Hopefully he'll learn by it.

Ward 4 Supervisor Richard Staub (also mayor pro-tempore): No I don't believe he should resign. The mayor is a confident mayor, he has the best interest of Carson City residents in all of his actions. It appears he has some issues with alcohol he needs to address. I wish him the best of success in how he deems to address them. It's unfortunate for him personally and unfortunate for him as mayor of Carson City.


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