Legislative calendar

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8 a.m.

• Assembly Judiciary hears two bills: AB116 revises provisions governing crimes involving certain controlled substances and other related substances. AB127 revises provisions relating to interception of wire communications. Room 3138.

• Assembly Ways and Means/Senate Finance joint subcommittee reviews the Health Care Policy and Financing and Department of Administration budgets. Room 3137.

• Senate Commerce and Labor hears three bills: SB159 revises provisions governing collection agencies. SB160 makes various changes relating to mortgage lending. AB9 authorizes the licensure of a mortgage agent on behalf of a corporation or limited-liability company. Room 2135.

• Senate Finance/Assembly Ways and Means joint subcommittee reviews budgets of the Supreme Court and Administrative Office of the Courts. Room 2134.

9 a.m.

• Assembly Government Affairs hears a presentation by the Public Works Board and hears AB218 which revises provisions relating to public works. Room 3143.

11 a.m.

• No floor sessions are scheduled today.

1:30 p.m.

• Assembly Commerce and Labor hears three bills: AB7 provides that certain public utilities have the burden of proving that costs sought to be recovered in deferred accounting proceedings were the result of reasonable and prudent practices and transactions. AB222 makes various changes relating to energy. AB84 revises provisions relating to the expiration date specified on the label of the container for a prescription drug. Room 4100.

• Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining hears AB173 which limits the amount of time certain heavy-duty motor vehicles and buses may be left idling under certain circumstances and receives a presentation by the Nevada Cattlemen's Association. Room 3161.

• Assembly Health and Human Services hears AB113 which revises provisions governing municipal solid waste landfills. Room 3138.

• Senate Government Affairs hears three bills: SB117 provides an exemption from the Local Government Purchasing Act for certain contracts entered into by the Board of Trustees of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. SB162 revises the authority of certain county fair and recreation boards to enter into certain real estate transactions. SB196 revises provisions relating to the Department of Cultural Affairs. Room 2149.

• Senate Human Resources and Education receives a presentation on the proposed University Health Sciences System and hears SB109 which revises provisions governing eligibility for receipt of a millennium scholarship. Room 2135.

3:30 p.m.

• Senate Natural Resources hears SB60 which Increases the maximum amount of the proceeds collected from administrative penalties that may be retained by a local air pollution control board. Room 2144.

5 p.m.

• Chief Justice William Maupin delivers his State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the Nevada Senate and Assembly. Assembly Chambers.

- Source: Nevada Legislature Online (www.leg.state.nv.us). All rooms are in the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, unless otherwise specified.


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