Mayor apologizes for DUI arrest

Mayor Marv    Teixeira apologizes Tuesday for being arrested for drunken  driving Monday night.  Cathleen Allison/ Nevada Appeal

Mayor Marv Teixeira apologizes Tuesday for being arrested for drunken driving Monday night. Cathleen Allison/ Nevada Appeal

Asking forgiveness, Carson City Mayor Marv Teixeira said it was a lapse of judgment that led to his arrest Monday night on suspicion of drunken driving.

"I made a mistake," Teixeira, 72, said at his City Hall office on Tuesday afternoon. "I made a bad decision and I got caught, and I'm going to step up and take my punishment."

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper stopped the mayor's 2002 Lexus at John and Carson streets about 9:36 p.m. Monday after allegedly clocking him with a radar gun going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone, said NHP spokesman Trooper Chuck Allen.

"Upon speaking to the driver about the moving violation, the trooper immediately detected an odor of alcohol and asked the driver to exit his vehicle," Allen said in a press release.

Allen said Teixeira was unable to perform two of the three standardized field sobriety tests that required physical dexterity and coordination because of an existing medical condition, but that Teixeira failed the third test.

"And he also failed a preliminary breath test at the traffic stop location and was placed under arrest," he said.

The spokesman said he was not briefed on what the results of the breath test were.

According to the arrest report, Teixeira told the trooper he'd had two drinks.

When Teixeira reached the jail, he opted for a blood test to determine his level of intoxication. The results of that screening aren't expected to be available for weeks.

He was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor drunken driving and speeding. After posting a $1,239 bail, he was released from custody about 11:30 p.m.

"I'm very embarrassed, and I want to apologize to the community for the embarrassment I've caused," he said.

Teixeira said in hindsight he realizes he should not have driven but would not say whether he knew he was intoxicated when he got behind the wheel, how many drinks he'd had, or from where he was coming.

But Teixeira also did not offer any excuses for his behavior and said he would accept responsibility and plead to the offense without the benefit of an attorney.

"I'm guilty, and I broke the law," he said. "I have nobody to blame but me."

In his 11th year as mayor of Carson City, Teixeira said he has no plans to step down from his position and if his health allows he would likely run for another term in office.

If he wins re-election, he said, "will be up to the people."

He said that as mayor he's often criticized or applauded, but any criticism from this is "self-induced." The mayor said he received several calls of support Tuesday and only one call from an unhappy constituent.

"A woman chastised me, and she had every right to."

He went on to say he didn't believe he had a drinking problem.

If anything, he said, his weakness is socializing too long. Whether it's alcohol or cola being served, if the conversation keeps him engaged, he imbibes, he said.

"But if I do drink again, you can be most assured that I won't get behind the wheel," he added. "You're a fool if you don't learn from your mistakes."

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