Appeal proud to have hosted presidential candidate event

I suppose there are some people who believe the Nevada Appeal's once-in-a-lifetime hosting of the recent Democratic presidential candidates in our Mallory Way facility was our embodiment of a political statement. That's about as close to the truth as President Bush is to being re-elected for a third term. If the Republican party ever decided to mirror the Democrat's monolithic forum of Feb. 28, and asked the Appeal to provide building space accommodations, we would honor them as well.

It was one thing for these presidential contenders of the Democratic championship belt to identify Carson City as the first stop of their unique station-to-station campaign parade, it's another thing for them to select the Nevada Appeal as their satellite site and holding station for post-forum publicity. Am I bragging on behalf of the Appeal? You bet.

There are indeed other facilities in our city that could have housed 400 people for the day. But they chose the Appeal. Also, I haven't heard a word that they intend to use other newspaper buildings as they continue their pioneering campaign tour in other states and cities. Why? Because two of my senior managers made it a self-imposed urgent point to secure the event at the Appeal. That's why.

On short notice of only two weeks, Nevada Appeal editor Barry Ginter and our regional marketing director Lynette Cameron initiated and coordinated a second chapter to the historical event at the community center by sending an e-mail to Steve Platt, Democratic party chair for Nevada. That e-mail led to a conference call among them to discuss plans to use the Nevada Appeal for impromptu speeches to more than 400 ticket holders who were expected to be turned back from a beyond-capacity community center, as well as for a location for private interviews with the candidates by local and national media.

I am told that those same Democratic contenders for the presidential crown are considering a return trip to the Appeal. Maybe not all of them, but I would guess the majority of them.

I have been in the newspaper business for 25 years; but never was a newspaper in any state in which I have resided been asked to host any presidential political party on premises like we were asked. If I have another 15 years in this business, I may never witness that day again. The selection of the community center says so much about our city. The choice of the Nevada Appeal says equal amounts about our capital city's newspaper.

The Nevada Appeal is proud to have been part of this once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are proud of Carson City for being selected as the starting point for the Democratic presidential candidates' road campaign. We are also proud of our political party and domain - it's called the United States.

• John DiMambro is publisher of the Nevada Appeal.


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