Legislative calendar

8 a.m.

• Assembly Judiciary hears AB190 which makes various changes to provisions governing criminal procedure and holds a work session on six bills: AB17 allows justice courts to appoint masters in proceedings involving temporary or extended orders for protection against stalking, aggravated stalking or harassment. AB52 makes various changes relating to domestic relations. AB55 provides for the use of voice writing by court reporters. AB72 revises provisions governing the crime of luring a child. AB77 makes various changes concerning the competency of defendants. AB90 creates the crime of paternity fraud. Room 3138.

• Assembly Ways and Means reviews budgets of the Nevada Treasurer's Office, PERS, Judicial Discipline and LCB and hears two bills: SB193 makes appropriations to State Public Works Board to provide early funding for capital improvement projects at Ely State Prison and the Grant Sawyer Office Building. ACR12 approves the change in scope and the transfer of funds for certain capital improvement projects. Room 3137.

• Senate Commerce and Labor hears three bills: SB197 requires the State Board of Pharmacy to make available to consumers certain information relating to pharmacies and the prices of commonly prescribed prescription drugs. SB209 prohibits a person from selling or issuing checks unless he is affiliated with a depository institution. SB231 revises provisions relating to confidentiality of contents of prescriptions. Room 2135.

• Senate Finance reviews budgets of the Nevada Attorney General's Office. Room 2134.

9 a.m.

• Assembly Government Affairs hears two bills: AB138 expands purposes for which certain impact fees may be used. AB253 revises provisions relating to the imposition of impact fees. Room 3143.

• Senate Judiciary hears two bills: SB131 makes various changes regarding certain court fees charged and collected by county clerks. SB208 makes various changes to provisions governing employees who are summoned to appear for jury duty. Room 2149.

11 a.m.

• Senate and Assembly floor sessions.

1:30 p.m.

• Assembly Commerce and Labor hears five bills: AB1 provides that a geothermal energy system is a renewable energy system for the purposes of the portfolio standards established by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for certain providers of electric service. AB108 requires training in geriatrics and gerontology for certain professions and occupations. AB195 makes various changes relating to residential landlords and tenants. AB216 provides additional requirements for closing or converting manufactured home parks. SB18 authorizes the imposition of a fine for engaging in a certain deceptive trade practice. Room 4100.

• Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining hears AB13 which increases the age under which a person on a vessel is required to wear a personal flotation device. Room 3161.

• Assembly Health and Human services hears three bills: AB261 makes various changes to provisions relating to child abuse and neglect. AB263 makes various changes to provisions governing the abuse and neglect of children. AB292 authorizes certain counties to contract for the licensing and regulation of foster homes. Room 3138.

• Senate Government Affairs hears SB92 which revises the applicability of certain provisions pertaining to the regulation of firearms by local governments. Room 2149.

• Senate Human Resources and Education holds a work session on measures previously considered. Room 2135.

On adjournment of Human Resources and Education

• Senate Human Resources and Education subcommittee hears two bills: SB52 creates the Gov. Guinn Millennium Teaching Scholarship Program. SB109 revises provisions governing eligibility for receipt of a millennium scholarship. Room 2135.

Upon adjournment of Assembly Health and Human Services

• Health and Human Services subcommittee reviews issues surrounding emergency room waiting times. Room 3138.

3:30 p.m.

• Senate Natural Resources hears two bills: SB75 revises provisions governing subsisting rights to water livestock. SB105 revises provisions governing regulation of motor vehicle fuel. Room 3142.

3:45 p.m.

• Assembly Education hears two bills: AB212 provides for high school reform. AB280 makes appropriations relating to education and licensed educational personnel. Room 3142.

- Source: Nevada Legislature Online (www.leg.state.nv.us). All rooms are in the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, unless otherwise specified.


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