Carson City man gets probation

MINDEN - A 19-year-old Carson City man who said he stole more than $4,300 as a Wal-Mart employee to help out a friend in trouble was sentenced Monday to probation and ordered to spend another week in Douglas County Jail.

Alexander Miller-O'Neill was arrested just before Christmas for the thefts which occurred over several months.

While on house arrest, Miller-O'Neill violated the terms and was returned to Douglas County Jail earlier this month. He reportedly was stealing money from his grandmother and lied about working when he had been suspended from his job at a movie theater.

District Judge Michael Gibbons sentenced him to 30 months in Nevada state Prison with a 12-month minimum for parole eligibility.

He suspended the sentence and placed Miller-O'Neill on probation for two years.

He was ordered to pay restitution at $100 month on $2,400 which was not recovered.

Miller-O'Neill told Gibbons he was dedicated to re-entering the military and had surgery scheduled in May to correct the knee injury which caused his discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps.

Miller-O'Neill provided paper work which indicated he may be a candidate for re-admission.

"I really want to re-enlist in any branch," he said. "I am dedicated to the military. I knew I would get in trouble as a civilian."

Gibbons urged him to pay off the restitution so he might be discharged early from probation and eligible for re-enlistment.

"I want to give you a real carrot-and-stick approach," Gibbons said. "If you successfully complete your probation, your sentence will be reduced to a gross misdemeanor."


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