Home must be sold to pay restitution

MINDEN - If a Carson City woman who admitted embezzling $103,000 from the Hellwinkel family more than eight years ago can't sell her residence within 60 days to make restitution, the mobile home is to be sold at auction.

District Judge Dave Gamble ordered the sheriff's sale if Julie Theall is unable to sell the Carson City residence, which was appraised at $142,900.

The asking price is $144,000, down from $180,000 late last year.

Theall, 48, appeared in court Tuesday with Robb and Marlena Hellwinkel, who still are owed $82,000 on the embezzlement that occurred when the defendant worked for the family's C.O.D. Garage and Motor Co.

The house is located at 2900 Kit Sierra Way in Carson City near the airport.

Lawyer Derrick Lopez, representing Theall, said the price had been lowered and the home was refinanced for lower house payments with the difference to be used in fixing up the place.

He said recently there had been four contacts on the house, but two prospective buyers wanted Theall to carry the mortgage.

The Hellwinkels rejected a proposal to turn the property over to them.


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