Slaby advised to improve relations with parents, staff

Storey County School Superintendent Rob Slaby was told at his public evaluation Tuesday to improve his communication with parents, staff and others in the community.

Board President Pam Smith praised Slaby for his ability to administer the nuts and bolts of the district, to improve the financial situation and for being a strong advocate for kids and for the district.

"You've tightened up the district operation," she said.

But she said areas where he needs to improve include leadership, communication and community relations.

"You have not succeeded in establishing a leadership image," she said.

She also said Slaby seemed challenged by constructive criticism coming from the board or parents, and had problems relating to staff, parents, community members, county and state officials.

Slaby was evaluated on a point system, with 4 points the highest rating for various aspects of his job.

For his relationship with the board, he was given a 2.9 rating.

His administration of the district, implementation of the budget and using time wisely got him a 2.88 rating.

In the area of community relations, he was rated at 2.53.

For his staff and personal relationships, he was given a 2.84 rating.

He was rated at 2.61 for his educational leadership.

For his personal qualities, he was rated at 2.78.

His highest rating was in professional growth, where he received a 3.66 rating.

Board members said they evaluated Slaby based on goals that were accomplished, school performance and feedback from parents and staff.

"We are doing well with student achievement and have improved our finances," said board member Curt Chapman. "The communication problems and some of those shortcomings have precluded awareness of our success."

Resident Lee Suponch suggested the board place Slaby on a plan of assistance to help him improve relations with staff, parents and the community, but no action was taken.

Although at a previous meeting, Slaby requested the entire board be present for his evaluation, Board member Esther Schouten was absent due to a medical issue.

Though the board allowed parents and staff to address the evaluation during the meeting's public comment period, they disallowed it during the evaluation itself.

Slaby declined to comment specifically on the evaluation, but said he considered it an honor to be superintendent for the Storey County School District.

"I gave up a professor job in California to come back to Nevada and be superintendent here," he said. "It's a great honor to work for this board."

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