Carson should welcome return of boxing program

Carson City ought to be glad that Victor Bruno has such a passion for boxing, and that he cares so much for the dozens of students he teaches.

It gives those young people a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and a sense of security.

If you look at those words closely, you'll realize they are the same traits that make gangs so appealing to many young people in our area. The difference is that Bruno's kids learn positive lessons that just might help them avoid negative influences and stay out of trouble.

And yet last year Bruno was summarily thrown out of the Stewart Gym by one of the most prominent landlords in Carson City - the State of Nevada, even though it was clear that it could have spelled the end of a grand tradition of boxing in our city and taken away a positive outlet for our youth.

It took him until earlier this month to find a new home he could afford in a building on Hot Springs Road. All of those who recognize the importance of programs like Bruno's, not to mention others like the local Boys & Girls Clubs, deserve plenty of praise. In Bruno's case, that includes the landlord, Sherrin Inc., the Carson Horseshoe Club, which donated $500 to the cause, and the many others who help at the club.

Anyone else wishing to help should call 888-6806.


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