City's problems are large, not hopeless

Carson City resident Guy Rocha seemed to hit a nerve this week when he wrote on the Opinion page about his experiences with crime in Carson City and how this is a city where he no longer feels safe.

He wrote of having his home robbed by meth addicts while he was asleep and of being confronted in a grocery store by an angry young man.

They're frightening stories and, unfortunately, there are many other residents who can relate.

But the situation is far from hopeless.

Rocha urged residents to "take your streets back before this town becomes like L.A., Las Vegas, the Bay Area, or Sacramento/Stockton," and he urged the city to hire more officers.

There were numerous comments on our Web site echoing his concerns, including:

"The more people that get involved the more power. Set up a neighborhood group or other groups to oppose and not put up with the trash that these morons bring to town. Be willing to say 'enough is enough' and use the power that is available to you."

Another wrote "... (I) want to do all I can to get Carson City back to the way it used to be. Let's all work together to take back our town."

And that, simply, is the answer.

It's already happening. Some neighborhoods are setting up watch programs. On Saturday, a group of volunteers came together to paint over graffiti. Many people are giving their time to figure out lasting solutions. People are getting involved.

Carson City will never be a place where it will be wise to leave your doors unlocked - no place is - but it can be a city where people are unafraid to walk at night through almost any neighborhood.

It all depends on you.


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