Middle School wrestlers strong in zone qualifier

Carson and Eagle Valley Middle School wrestlers had a strong showing at the recent Zone Qualifier. Top local finishers were:

Seventh grade: 75 pounds - Willy McDonald, Carson, first; Kyle Sharp, Carson, second; Tristian Wadsworth, Carson, third; Adam Ortega, Eagle Valley, fourth. 80 - Cole McCarthy, Carson, first; Harrison Root, Carson, second; J.W. McLaughlin, Carson, third; Chrisitan Soriano, Carson, fourth.

85 - Logan Ames, Carson Valley, first; Jordan Luhrs, Carson, third. 90 - Sam Blei, Eagle Valley, second; Logan Dargert, Eagle Valley, fourth. 95 - Sully Cauley, Pau-Wa-Lu, first; Kyle Cathill, Eagle Valley, third. 100 - Ben Gottschalk, Dayton, fourth.

105 - Dillon Hekuis, Pau-Wa-Lu, fourth. 110 - Tyler Firestone, Dayton, first; Richard Wolf, Carson, fourth. 115 - Carter Forrest, Carson, third. 120 - Alex Azzam, Carson, fourth. 125 - Javier Torres, Eagle Valley, second. 145 - Nick Garcia, Carson, first.

165 - Cameron McGirth, Dayton, second. Heavyweight - Daniel Palmer, Carson Valley, first; Kyle Lethcoe, Carson, second.

Eighth grade: 85 - Brandon Akers, Carson, second; Nate Stevens, Carson, third. 90 - Pat Craugh, Carson, first; Cody White, Dayton, third. 100 - Adam Whitt, Carson, second; Aaron Turner, Carson, third.

105 - Gabriel Pongasi, Carson, first; Tyler McKee, Carson, third; Tyler MIller, Carson, fourth. 120 - Dusty Smith, Dayton, second; David Legaspi, Pau-Wa-Lu, third.

125 - Tyler Collins, Carson, first; Eric Garcia, Carson, second; Daniel Lundergreen, Carson Valley, third; Nick Stockwell, Dayton, fourth. 130 - Ricky McDonalnd, Carson, first; J.T. Dunning, Carson Valley, second.

135 - Connor Beattie, Carson, first; Dayna Thiesing, Dayton, third; Dillon Winkleman, Carson, fourth. 140 - Nick Poole, Carson, second; Jimmy Weir, Carson, third; Luke Remer, Eagle Valley, fourth.

150 - Nick Prudhomme, Pau-Wa-Lu, first; Harry Ehrman, Carson, fourth. 160 - Caleb Jeffers, Carson, first; Ryan Paiz, Pau-Wa-Lu, second; Devon Heath, Carson, fourth. 175 - Ben Machuca, Carson, second; Eric Martin, Carson, third; Grant Mason, Pau-Wa-Lu, fourth.


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