Advocating change

Anyone can make a difference, no matter how old they are.

Senior Julia Lopez chose to base her senior project around this thought.

For her project, Lopez created a magazine, titled We, about AIDS and what our generation can do to stop this spreading disease. She believes that it is the duty of our generation to help prevent AIDS and to inform the public of the tragedies it is causing in most third world countries, along with the United States.

She has been planning to make this magazine since her sophomore year, but recently started putting it together in September of this year. We contains three articles. One, entitled "See Me, Hear Me, Listen to Me," explains that this generation is capable of making a difference. Another, "Monkey See Monkey Do," explains, although our generation is extremely diverse, we have never been more connected.

The last, "AIDS: A silent pandemic," informs us about AIDS.

There is also an "About Me" section explaining what Lopez is trying to do help the fight against AIDS, along with her goals and plans for the future. Lopez hopes that her efforts will influence others to make a difference, not just with AIDS, but with the many issues disturbing the world today. Lopez truly believes that everyone can make a difference in the their society no matter how young or old they may be.

Lopez has accumulated many business ads, which will be put in the back of the magazine, and has received donations from businesses around town, and is hoping to receive at least 1,000 donations. Donors' names will be listed in the magazine and will also receive a free magazine.

She is also selling We to anyone at Carson High School who wants to purchase a copy for $3. Pre-order forms are being placed through April, and will be received in the beginning of May.

Any community member who wants a copy must make a donation. All proceeds will be donated to the Children's AIDS Research Foundation.

To order your own copy of We, contact Lopez at, or call her at 883-7899. Lopez had accumulated over $800 already, and is still accepting donations to hopefully raise at least $1,000. AIDS is one of the most fatal diseases present in our society.

Please lend a hand by making wither a business or personal donation to help support the research of HIV/AIDS.

• Kelsey Dockery is the public relations officer for Carson High School's student council. Her column features activities at the school.


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