Bank establishes community partnership to help children in crisis

MINDEN - City National Bank has forged a community partnership with Austin's House in the Minden/Gardnerville area and provided this well-known nonprofit group with a $1,000 donation to help care for homeless children throughout Douglas County.

The bank also announced today that Pam Pugliese, vice president and branch relationship manager of its full-service branch in Minden, is being considered for a position on the board of directors of this organization.

Austin's House, also known as the Carson Valley Children's Center, is a group foster home that provides services and care for up to 10 children at a time between the ages of birth to 17 years old. Resident children are referrals from Child Protective Services, the Douglas County Court system, homeless children and other children in crisis who are in need of shelter. This fairly new nonprofit agency is designed for short-term placements of Douglas County youth who are in crisis situations.

"We couldn't be more pleased with City National Bank's commitment to supporting Austin's House with both monetary and human resources support," said Pam Wise, executive director of Austin's House. "Austin's House fills a void in services to children in need in Douglas County, and based on community needs we will strive to incorporate more services to children and families as we grow."

Austin's House was built with the help of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, and works very closely with the Douglas County Social Services, Douglas County Juvenile Probation Office and the Douglas County Court Appointed Special Advocate Program. The organization provides 24-hour supervised services and care for its residents, including proper nutrition, hygiene, rest, nurturing, recreation, companionship and education. Children will stay at this facility until they can either be returned to their parents or appropriate housing can be located for them with a relative, foster home or other approved homes.

"We are very excited to get involved with Austin's House and help provide children in crisis with a caring and nurturing environment that every child wants and deserves," said Jerry Gregory, senior vice president and Northern Nevada regional manager of City National Bank. "We're also very proud to have one of our own get directly involved in this organization by serving on the board of directors and volunteering her time and services to helping make a difference in the lives of those children living in this facility."

Gregory said that senior officers of the bank are encouraged to get involved in community and nonprofit organizations through board positions and volunteer support.


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