Lamborn finer in North Carolina

Dale Lamborn is doing well, thank you very much, at the first-ever East-West Supermodified Shootout at Concord Motorsports Park in Concord, N.C.

One of six cars from the Supermodified Racing League and the only car from Nevada, Lamborn recorded third-fast qualifying time on the half-time tri-oval, with a 13.612. Bobby Dalton of California was second-fast with a 13.559 and topping the board was Chris Perley from New York with a 13.536, out of 37 cars to qualify.

With qualifications done, four heat races were held with the top-6 of each heat transferring to the main event. The top-3 of each heat will then be inverted at the front of the field for the main event, making for a 12-count invert.

Lamborn lined up fifth in the second heat race, with fellow SMRA drivers Martin McKeefery and Jim Birges. At the end of the designated 10 laps, Lamborn finished third, winning an automatic transfer to today's main event. McKeefery finished second and Birges was fifth.

"I was running the bottom of the track and it worked well for me," an excited Lamborn said by telephone.

"I could have gotten around Martin if I needed to, but I wanted to drive a safe race and I did. We made the show."

Main events begin at 1:30 p.m. and can be followed "near live" at


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