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Headlines from a year ago:

Hey, can you pass the gravy?

Nugget Coffeeshop serves free meals to its 'extended family' on Thanksgiving

Eighteen minutes. It took only 18 minutes for the Nugget Coffeeshop to go from practically empty to completely full Thursday morning. Amid the clatter of coffee cups and the hushed roar that seemed to come from everywhere, Irma, 80, and Omer Flanders, 89, sat down to Thanksgiving dinner.

Update: "Usually, there's a line of people right before we open up," said the Nugget's Kelly Brant, estimating the crowd grew this year by the hundreds. "Then the line dissipates and we go about serving (whomever) walks in. Not this year - we opened up and the line kept growing."

Couple sought in bloody-mattress incident found

Carson City officials have found a man and woman sought by police since blood-soaked bedding and walls were discovered in a room at the Rand Ave. Motel on Wednesday.

Carson City dispatch confirmed that Cynthia Markham, 47, and Steven Martinoni, 50, were discovered Thursday at an unidentified Carson City casino.

They are being held for questioning.


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