Edwards' cross means empathy for Americans

Most of us still look for perfection in humans. We admire the athletes among us. And we often judge our presidential candidates the same way.

I love sports but I found that even athletes end up with injuries. We all have our cross to bear be it physical, emotional, or intellectual. John Edwards, candidate for president, has had his share. His son was killed at a very young age and now his wife has cancer. Many Americans shy away from the Edwards' candidacy for this very reason - his wife is sick.

Yet history has demonstrated that all our presidents had their own crosses to bear as well. With FDR, he was stricken with polio and it finally ended his life - after he was elected four times. JFK suffered from Addison's disease. A bullet ended his life - not the illness. Both men performed heroically while in office affecting multiple positive changes for all Americans.

So, if someone out there is thinking, "John Edwards is a nice guy but his wife is very ill"; I say this fact enables him to identify and empathize with you and I. He feels our pain because he has felt his. Yes, his wife has cancer. But their vows to each other were to continue to help Americans stay strong, positive, and prosperous. I say let them accomplish their goal.

Linda Wilcox

Las Vegas

City has money for empty buildings, just ask

I am very happy to live in a city that has a fiscal responsible governor and business people.

Our governor did not wait for a fiscal crisis before he started to explore options because of a decrease in future projected income. This is an old-time concept of living within one's budget and this from an elected government official. Wow.

We also have a business person that is remodeling his "mall" without asking for government assistance. Many people would like him to do it differently but he seems to be doing it within his budget.

Yes, it would be nice if he demolished the present site and started from scratch but where would his tenants do their business? Oh, I guess could they just take a year off and rest on their vast earnings, right? He is thinking of his tenants and himself. If he demolished the mall they, his current tenants, would have to go else where to earn a living and probably not come back. It costs money to move so no way would they want to move twice. There are many empty store fronts in our community so once moved, they are probably not likely to return.

Let's hope the remodel of the mall will encourage other property owners to do something with their empty stores. Oh, I forgot, since they are empty they do not have funds to upgrade them. Well, the city seems willing to give empty buildings money so just ask.

Joe Eiben

Carson City

Facing the bear straight on was frightening

Thank you Mr. Hensman.

I have been walking four or five times a week for 25 years in your neighborhood.

I had my first bear encounter about three weeks ago. It ran across Longview right in front of me. I was one frightened L O L (senior speak for little old lady). I looked the bear straight on and side-stepped around the corner.

Please don't feed the bears and thanks again Mrs. Hensman for taking the time to trap them.

Noleen Boulter

Carson City


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