Tiny Mites end season with win

The Carson Tiny Mites Silver youth football team finished its season with a win against the Sparks Cardinals at Governor's Field. Carson also beat the Cardinals earlier in the year in Sparks.

The Silver started the rematch back on its heels as the Cardinals came out firing and were able to score four times to Carson's two. But Carson was able to make adjustments after halftime.

At the start of the second half, Sparks had the ball, but was stopped by a strong defensive effort led by Khayman Garland, Justin Kattenhorn, Ben Larkin, Copeland Sargent, Richard Romero, Rylan Fancher, Abel Carter, Josh Buchan, Garrett Clampitt, Joseph O'Neil, and Cody Main. The defense stuffed the Sparks offense the entire second half.

One of the highlights on defense for Carson came when the Sparks ball carrier ran from one side of the field to the other and finally was brought down by Kattenhorn who got back to his feet after he was knocked down by a Cardinal blocker.

On Carson's first possession of the second half, Zack Harris was able lead his team down the field for a score with Carter running it in behind the blocking of Austin Baker, Jakob Weaver, Jonathon Bates, Brady Harris, Buddy McDonald, Clampitt, Sargent, Buchan, and Romero. Carson outscored Sparks 4-0 in the second half.

Carter led the team with the most touchdowns and tackles this season. The Tiny Might Silver wound up 6-2 for the season and would like to thank everyone involved for their help and support, especially the players for their hard work and effort, and for the parents and coaches that got them there.


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