Nevada should aspire to be a gun (safety) state

Nevada's per capita rate of gun deaths is among the highest in the nation, but there is no simple or quick way to change that. Many of the murders that occur in our state are tied into the murky world of drug and gang violence, issues the state has already recognized and is taking initial steps to control. It won't be easy, and even if stricter gun laws could be enacted in Nevada - a longshot in a state proud of its pro-gun heritage - that alone would not likely prove to be the answer.

By and large most gun owners are responsible and safe, whether they're hunters or recreational shooters, and they account for a small percentage of gun violence and accidents.

Still, people die in our state each year through careless use and storage of guns, a situation that would be far worse if it were not for gun and hunter education programs. In fact, anyone born in 1960 or later must complete a hunter education course in order to purchase a Nevada hunting license. Mandatory hunter education programs have been lauded nationwide for making hunting a safer sport than ever before.

More educational efforts directed at non-hunting gun owners would likely go far to further reduce gun accidents. In fact, making that education mandatory for new owners of guns should be one type of gun law that everyone can agree on.

• This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal editorial board.


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