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Not so easy to prove you're an American

On relocating to Nevada I needed a Nevada Driver's license. After a phone call to the DMV I found they told me to bring two forms of identification. I mistakenly thought my California Driver's License and my Passport would do it. Not good enough.

What about a Social Security card? What about a birth certificate. I am a real "born here" citizen, but now I have to prove it?

My California Driver's License passed the computer check test. My passport was nice Ð it does not have my social security number.

In Los Angeles I was mugged. My wallet was gone. My Social Security card was long gone. I never bothered to replace it as its number is implanted in my brain. A birth certificate would help.

Mine is old. It looks older than I do. Yellowed, wrinkled with tattered edges, and horrors, my name was typed by some beginner typist as "BARABARA"?

My parents knew this and legally changed it. But that was stored in some Los Angeles Registrar's dungeon. With some hassle, I got a copy of that.

Next a Social Security replacement. Have you ever tried calling Social Security? (Tip: Call early a.m. You get a menu-driven system. Don't try on Mondays. Don't even think about it around the first of any month.) When you do reach a real person, he or she will tell you they will send you a form, fill it out and send ASAP as the processing might take six weeks ... or longer ...

Meanwhile I had found a "new to me" but used adorable Subaru. And I needed that Nevada Driver's License even to bank.

I considered something "illegal" like a quick trip to L.A. to Hollywood and Western Avenues where one can, for big $$$, buy anything. Then I found a card listing my past American Red Cross blood donations.

Not only was my blood type listed by my Social Security number. I am eternally grateful I gave blood to the American Red Cross.

At the DMV I finally passed. Not the written, the eye or the driving tests, but I passed IDENTIFICATION AS AN AMERICAN.



Our forefathers fought for freedom of religion

This country was formed on a belief in God, freedom of religion and speech and the seemingly lost, majority rule. Now, because a very few object to the foundation this country was built on (yet still choose to remain here enjoying our freedoms) we can't even say "Merry Christmas" or depict nativity scenes.

It clearly states "In God We Trust" on our money yet "these few" still use our monetary system to live the life of freedom our country affords them. Our troops are fighting for this freedom right now, fighting for a belief based on all men being created equal IN THE EYES OF GOD!

WHY, will someone please tell me why, the majority has to now bend to "the few" and forego what our ancestors so bravely fought for and what our troops today are defending: Our freedom to practice whatever religion we chose to believe in. Yet somehow, God is slowly being removed from this freedom. Why? Make me understand why!

My employer now has a "Victorian Celebration" for what used to be an employee Christmas Party. We are getting so fearful of offending "the few" that we are forgetting the many, the majority. We make way for some religions to be able to wash their feet several times a day yet deny the majority of our citizens the expression of our Christian beliefs. Beliefs in freedom this country was formed upon.

What ever happened to, if you don't like it, don't look at it or listen to it or believe in it? That's called free will. That's another freedom this country gives to all who live here.

Yet what has happened is the majority must be denied the right to look at it, listen to it or believe in it. Something is terribly wrong people. Stand up for your beliefs. Do not let "the few" override our God and country given rights to our freedoms. Don't let the terrorists win!

Remember, Jesus IS the reason for the season!!



Reid embarrasses this Nevadan

Every time Harry Reid opens his mouth I am embarrassed to be a Nevadan (even though I never voted for him). Please America, do not embarrass me because I am a woman. Vote Smart!!!


Jacks Valley


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