Mrs. Kathy Davis' fifth-grade class at Sutro Elementary School has been writing haiku as part of their curriculum.

Traditionally, haiku, or Japanese poetry, consists of a pattern of five, seven, five syllables and can be as few as three lines or as many as deemed needed by the author.

In honor of the holidays, the students wrote the following haiku, which appear as written by the children:

Families are fun

Playful is my family

They are too funny.

Layla Broman, 10

Family is good.

Family is great and cool.

My family cares.

Nicholas Cunas, 10

Family is great

My family is funny

I Love them so much.

Dallas Boone, 10

Family is fun

My family is the best

My family cares

Keegan Engle, 10

Family is great

Family is amazing

My family cares

Kaylee Avera, 10

My family cares.

Family is fantastic.

Family loves you

Skyler Bertson, 10

My mom is so sweet

My dad is sweet and so cool

Just like my brother.

Jacob Hobdy, 10

My mom is real great

She loves to make me pancakes

They're always sharing

Jacqueline Canas, 10

Family is Fun

They are sweet as candy

Family is kind

Christian Fields, 10

My mom is awesome.

My mom gives me cool ice cream.

She serves me good food.

Veronica Pritchard, 10

Family is great

Family is fantastic

Family is cool

Raul Tinajero, 10

Family is great.

My family is loving

My family cares

Teddy Rudolph, 11

Family is great!

They are loyal and my blood.

I love with all my heart.

James Dondelinger, 10

Family is cool.

They are mindful and awesome.

Family is cool.

Matthew Roverso, 10

Family is great.

They're caring towards me always.

My loyalty is in them.

Zane Cleaves, 10

Family is great

Our loyalty runs deeply

We are loving souls

Gissell Benavides, 10

They are in my genes

They are always there for me

They can be funny

I knew them since I was born

Who are these people?

These things list my family

There is my sister

Who seems to be really sweet

My mother, there is

She's one of the smartest there

And of course, my dad

Which he thinks very healthy

That's my family

And to me they are special

Natalie Delbecq, 10

Family is sweet,

but also can be funny

Caring, loving and happy

always there for me.

Hannah Stevenson, 10

Family is great

Family has the best souls

Family is nice

Allen Gonzalez, 10

Family is great!

Family shares blood for life

They're always caring.

Nathan Harig, 11

My family cares

My family is loving

They care about me

Whenever I am crying

I love them a lot

And they love me a lot too

That's why I love them

Brittni Anderson, 10

Family is great!

Because they are my blood line.

Just like everyone!

Quinn Santana, 10

Family is great

Just like the beautiful sky.

They are also sweet like ice cream.

Family is always fun.

Family is cool.

That's why I love family

Naomi Koehler, 10

Family is sweet

We are loving families

We are loving souls

Noah Gardillas, 10

I love my parents.

And my brothers and sister

Our family's great.

Morrigan Heldenrich, 10

Family is great.

Family has great families

Family is cool

Ashley Sonner, 10


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