Remembering the armed forces this Christmas

There's something conspicuously absent from the Christmas mania that's evident nearly anywhere you turn - the fact that we're at war.

Oh, nobody's forgotten it, but it doesn't seem to be foremost in the mind of most Americans. That's why it's inspiring to see local people and groups doing all they can to make sure members of our armed forces and their families do not feel like they're forgotten.

Take, for instance, the effort by Garth Richards, president of Silver Oak Development, and his employees. They sponsored an event in September to raise money for the nonprofit Nevada Patriot Fund. The result: They're now about to turn over $70,000 that will go to families of fallen troops.

Many people helped raise that money, including ROTC students from throughout the region who took up collections in their schools.

"The kids were amazing," said Terrie McNutt, one of the organizers. "That was a great example of where our kids are going."

There are many other people helping out in other ways, including P.J. Degross of Carson City, who operates a troop-adoption program called Web of Support (; e-mail: Another program, Soldiers' Angels, (, has local volunteers writing letters to those serving abroad.

We urge you to follow their example and remember the members of our armed forces serving their country this Christmas.


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