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Shopping spree winners clean up

Maxine Fortino knew exactly where she was headed when her two-minute shopping spree began at the Grocery Outlet on Friday - meat.

"I had five dreams about this," she said, laughing at the recollection. "It was just me running like an idiot, like I couldn't get traction."

When the countdown began just after 1 p.m., Maxine moved into place near the chicken, and her husband Ron, 67, revved his engine at the front door.

Then they were off.

Maxine, 71, tossed in bags of chicken and boxes of steak. Ron leaned on the shopping cart. She moved to the frozen cooked turkeys. Ron followed with the cart.

Deal presents problems for Carson City

Future development of about five acres in north Douglas County could mean that Carson City will see fewer new national retailers and less sales tax revenue.

A Douglas County official said Friday the commissioners' decision to grant $24.7 million in redevelopment funds to a developer purchasing two parcels south of Topsy Lane will spur a larger 100-acre development just south of the county line.

Carson City officials said this future development means the city may not be able to compete for large national retailers, who could be more attracted by the cheaper land costs across the border after this hefty contribution.


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