3 in officer assault to be sentenced

Sentencing dates have been set for two Placerville brothers and a Carson City woman who pleaded guilty last month to assaulting a state officer and wrestling away his gun.

William Nattrass, 21, faces one to six years on each of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon when he is sentenced on April 22. Raymond Nattrass, 17, and Vivian Leman, 29, each face one to six years in prison on one count of principal to assault with a deadly weapon when they are sentenced May 6.

The Nattrass brothers and Leman, 29, were arrested Nov. 14 when the trio allegedly jumped and wrestled away the gun of Department of Public Safety Capt. P.K. O'Neill.

According to police reports, William Nattrass pointed the gun at the officer and tried to pull the trigger on the weapon but it failed to fire.

In December a judge reduced William Nattrass' bail and he was released from custody.

Raymond Nattrass remains in custody on $100,000 bail. At the time of his arrest, he had allegedly cut off an ankle monitor and absconded from juvenile probation in Placerville, Calif.

Leman also remains in custody with a $25,000 bail.


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