Who really controls the government?

We have a government that money has bought. The problem is that corporate America and the Unions have found that by spending money in elections they can influence the actions in Washington and in the state legislatures. Corporations have the right of free speech as guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution. This was gained by a big error in 1868 when the railroad barons were able to twist the summary of a case in which it was stated that corporations have the rights of a person. This was NEVER discussed in the actual case but over the years it has become the basis for all the court rulings that give corporations the rights of free speech that was never discussed by the writers of the Constitution.

In recent years the courts have ruled that spending money is the same as speech and thus can not be controlled by legislation. Here lies the problem: No matter who we vote for, the lobbyists funded by the unions and corporations will help write the laws that only are for the benefit of them, not for the good of this great country. Congress has tried to write rules but the courts have always overruled rules because of the free speech issue. Yes, Congress can write laws on how much a candidate can accept. They can''t control how much they spend.

The big problem in our elections are the "sound bytes" on TV and radio and ads in newspapers paid for by special interest groups who cannot be controlled. What can we do? One way is to amend the Constitution. This will be impossible as those in power love the status quo. We can begin to change state constitutions by initiative that will amend the section on Free Speech to only grant it to a human person. In this manner states will be able to control the spending on election issues.

There is a group in California trying to get the citizens interested. Their site is www.ReformCa.com. If they succeed, corporations, unions, newspapers, radio and TV stations will appeal the loss of free speech to the Supreme Court. I believe that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the people based on past writing by late Chief justice Rehnquist in which he questioned that the writers of the Constitution ever believed that the right of free speech extended to others than human people.


Carson City

Fond memories of casino manager

My family and I have been patrons of the Carson City Nugget for over 20 years. I went there within the past couple of days and was shocked to learn that Assistant General Manager James Dempster retired after 35 years of service. I worked for Mr. Dempster at one time and would gladly work for him again. I have seen Mr. Dempster find jobs for people who were down on their luck and he has even bailed a few employees out of jail because they deserved a second chance. He takes care of the senior citizens and has literally helped hundreds of others. There was one time not too far back when I watched Mr. Dempster physically take on several gang members who were causing trouble inside the casino. He did this with no regard for his own safety and that heroic act will not be forgotten. I wish Mr. Dempster the best with his retirement and I know he will continue to be an outstanding father figure, loving husband, and community representative for the great area of Carson City.


Carson City

There are more important issues than the V&T

Wake up, Carson City residents.

I see by today's paper that the "mayor" thinks more of the V&T Railway than he does about the citizens of Carson City.

I would vote for a sales tax increase for police and fire protection measures and street maintenance, which would benefit the citizens of Carson City.

The mayor wants to fund the V&T instead of taking care of Carson City, which should be his main concern as mayor.

I believe it is time to replace this "mayor" and any other elected officials who do not see taking care of our city as their first priority.


Carson City


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