Fourth sheep found dead in pasture

Another of Jack Foerschler's sheep was found shot to death early Friday morning.

The Carson City man said when he went into the pasture to feed a lamb rejected by its mother, he found a third pregnant ewe dead from a gunshot wound to the neck.

This will be the fourth sheep - three ewes and a ram - that have been killed on Foerschler's southwest Carson property.

It appears from the location of the latest casualty, "she must have been down trying to have her baby," Foerschler said.

Beginning March 24 Foerschler has found one dead sheep each week.

It's obvious that this is not an accident, nor did the sheep fall prey to wildlife, he said.

"We found bullet holes. We know right where they were shot. I'm sure it wasn't a mountain lion. If they kill something they are going to eat most of it, or kill everything in the pen."

The Carson City Sheriff's Department is investigating the slaughters and Nevada Department of Agriculture brand inspectors have been notified.

Under Nevada law, "A person shall not unjustifiably kill an animal, whether belonging to himself or to another." The first and second offenses of such an act are misdemeanors. The third offense is a felony.

Secret Witness has offered a $750 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever is responsible, said Lt. Bob White. Anyone with information is asked to call 322-4900. Callers can remain anonymous.

Foerschler said that since there hadn't been a sheep killed since the story first ran in the Nevada Appeal on Monday, he'd hoped the killings had ended.

"I thought the publicity would have stopped it," he said. "But it didn't seem to work."

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