Realtor joins mayoral race

By Dave Frank

Appeal Staff Writer

Realtor Jim Shirk has announced his run for Carson City mayor, saying he will be "the voice" of the people.

"As your mayor, I will be representing you (and) helping you to fulfill your needs, your wants and your desires," Shirk said in a statement. "As your mayor, I will be your representative - serving you the citizens - (and) I will be your voice.

"As your mayor, I will make a difference for you and for your family. As your mayor, I will put Carson City first."

Shirk, 57, said he's learned by talking to his clients what Carson City residents are concerned about - issues such as taxes, crime and traffic.

Carson City needs to also look at environmental issues, he said. This means using alternative energy sources and possibly banning plastic bags.

"We need to be doing these types of cost-saving projects now for tomorrow," he said. "We need to be thinking globally but acting locally."

Two other men have previously announced they are running for mayor. Bob Crowell is an attorney and member of the school board. Sean Lehmann is a 35-year-old podiatrist.

Mayor Marv Teixeira will not seek a fourth term.

Shirk moved to Carson City from the Lake Tahoe area about five years ago. He said talks with his family at the dinner table led him think more about politics.

He got involved with the election and also noticed how issues such as the V&T Railway and public safety concerned people, he said.

"Just like every one of you, I look forward toward the future and that of my family, my friends, my community," he said. "Just like everyone of you, I have these same concerns about these very same issues and how they will affect the future of our Carson City."

Some city officials want to advocate their own opinions, he said, but a mayor should reflect what the people want, he said.

"If leadership is to have any real value, it is not the ability to make decisions that gives value to that leadership," he said. "The real value of great leadership, is the ability to get people involved. That really is what great leaders do."

Shirk recently criticized and took out an ad opposing the merger of the Sierra Nevada Association of Realtors, a group he belongs to, with the Reno-Sparks Association of Realtors. His association voted down the merger.

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