Burst sprinkler drenches 3 classrooms at WNC

A sprinkler head that burst in a classroom at Western Nevada College on Wednesday night flooded three classrooms, and caused water damage in the art gallery and an office, but did not interrupt classes, said college spokeswoman Anne Hansen.

Hansen said school personnel were alerted to the burst sprinkler in a southwest classroom on the second floor of the Bristlecone Building by a fire alarm about 11:30 p.m.

By the time the water could be stopped, it had flooded three classrooms and made its way down the stairs into the art gallery.

Hansen said no art work was damaged.

"The water also went through the walls and down to the human resources office," she said.

Classes in the room affected were moved and Hansen said there was no interruption to students' schedules.

Cleanup will include removing or drying dampened carpets and repairing sheetrock, Hansen said.


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