It's fortunate old tactics work for new drugs

John Simms' column on today's Opinion page (page A12) is both heartening and discouraging. It says that meth use may have declined in Carson City, but now there are other evils out there to take its place.

In light of that, it seems a good move by the city's anti-meth coalition, Partnership Carson City, to broaden its scope to become anti-illegal drugs and anti-underage drinking. That good news on meth likely stems in part from the work of that coalition and law enforcement, and if they can exert the same influence on other drugs, the community will be better off.

But the bad news is that there's always going to be a drug out there that lures vulnerable youth, whether it's meth or heroin or whatever they can get their hands on.

That's why the most important part of Simms' column today is not necessarily about which drugs kids are using, but on how parents can help keep their kids away from them. The beauty of it is that those tactics, summarized in his statement "the best way to defend your children from the evil enemies of drugs is to be involved with the many aspects of your child's life," work for all drugs and all of the other ills society can throw at your family.

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