Sentencing for former Lyon administrator postponed

YERINGTON " Sentencing for former Lyon County Administrator Jason McLean was continued to later this month after his attorney Ken Ward on Monday told the judge he hadn't had enough time to review a pre-sentence report prepared by the Department of Parole and Probation.

McLean pleaded guilty in April to a felony charge of embezzlement. He was elected to the office of public administrator in 2006 and within months of taking office, allegations arose that he was stealing from the estates he was overseeing.

The charge to which McLean pleaded relates to the theft of $9,900 from the Dayton estate of Diane Ashe. Court documents indicate McLean used the money as a partial payment on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

In exchange for the plea, three additional embezzlement counts were dismissed and McLean is responsible for paying $16,000 in restitution from the three separate estates from which he was initially charged with stealing.

A new sentencing date of Aug. 25 was set. Embezzlement carries a penalty of one to six years in prison, though probation is an option.

Lyon County District Attorney Bob Auer also said on Monday that the Nevada Attorney General's Office has passed on reviewing an investigation for criminal charges against McLean's predecessor, Richard Glover, saying they were too busy.

Auer said that his office is handling a lawsuit against the city filed by the same family that is at the center of the criminal investigation. Because of that, he feels there is conflict when it comes to handling a criminal investigation concerning Glover.

If the criminal investigation mirrors the civil one, Glover is accused of "ransacking" the home of a Wellington man who died before the man's family could arrive.

The civil lawsuit accuses Glover of taking weapons, jewelry and money without proper authority, and with the intent to keep the property for himself.

The criminal investigation is not public because the situation is being reviewed for charges, Auer said.

He said he was disheartened by the AG's response, especially after he'd gone to the Lyon County Board of Commissioners and got a resolution passed stating that the county would pick up any fees the AG's office incurred as a result of taking over the case.

"I'm very disappointed with the AG's office," Auer said. "I was looking for their help. When you need their help, they should help."

Auer said Douglas County District Attorney Mark Jackson has agreed to review and prosecute the case if Jackson feels charges are warranted.

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