Celebrate a birthday by voting

Next week, an interesting coincidence will occur in Carson City: The official 150th birthday of Carson City will be Tuesday, Aug. 12, which also happens to be Election Day for the primary " the day voters choose the people they believe are best able to lead the city to prosperity.

On Aug. 12, 1858, Carson City's four founders put their vision into action by signing the deed for the land on which the new city was to be built. And what a successful endeavor it was.

We encourage all residents to celebrate the city's birthday by voting on Tuesday. The city those founders built is not without its problems, and it's vital we choose the best candidates to solve them.

But don't forget that a birthday celebration is meant to be fun. We encourage everyone, of all ages, to set aside Saturday, Aug. 16, to take part in the official celebration of the founding of the state capital.

It will be a special day, and a special group of residents have been working on the celebration. The founders won't be able to be there, of course, but many of their descendants will.

The Nevada Appeal (the state's oldest newspaper) will provide complete coverage of both events " the election and the sesquicentennial " next week.

We hope you'll be part of the celebrations.

This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board


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