Weak primary turnout in capital predicted

Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover says he isn't expecting a big turnout for today's primary.

But early voting totals did manage to surpass the turnout in the last presidential primary in 2004.

By the close of early voting Saturday evening, 3,997 Carson residents had voted. That compares well with the 2004 total of 3,775 but pales in comparison to the 4,571 who turned out early in 2006.

That makes this the first primary since early voting began in 1996, where the turnout was lower than the previous election cycle.

Glover said he believes the numerous state races two years ago - including governor and all the other constitutional officers as well as an open congressional seat - were a bigger draw for voters.

The biggest single day this year was the final day, Saturday, when 564 went to the courthouse to cast primary ballots.

Glover said last week that, normally, half or more of those who turnout in Carson City vote early. If that holds true, the capital's turnout in this primary will be well below normal today.

But Glover has said he expects a strong turnout in November because voters will be electing a new president.

He has predicted a turnout of up to 90 percent for the general.


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