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Olympics should be a vacation from politics

Seeing the Olympic coverage by NBC has been somewhat disappointing. NBC has focused more on world politics than world class sport talent. Bob Costas, who is one person I look up to, had an interview with President Bush and 90 percent of his questions were about what was going on in the world politically than about what Bush was there for: THE OLYMPICS! The opening ceremony was the ABSOLUTE BEST I have ever seen, but what the commentators could focus most on was the situation that China was in today in the world. Here these world class athletes work their behinds off for four years to get to this point to show off their talent, and all the network can focus on the most is world politics. SHAME ON NBC! Focus on the task at hand, and that's the OLYMPICS! Give the ATHLETES the attention and not the politics of the world. We get that news enough already (every day). We along with the athletes deserve a small two-week vacation.


Carson City

Carson City could use more sheepdogs

First was Rhonda with speeders, Donald with loud bands, and now Elaine with litterers and dogs pooping in her yard. My issue is the city encouraging, facilitating, and enabling businesses to violate my neighborhoods codes, covenants, and restrictions (CC&R's). Who is to blame? Foremost, it is these neighbors who are being just plain un-neighborly. This trait of human behavior has been going on for eons and is the reason we started making rules and forming governments to enforce order in the first place. Many people will behave just about as bad as society will let them. This brings into play the other part of our equation, enforcement. We will always have bad neighbors. Therefore, to ensure harmony it is government's duty to bring the scofflaws under control.

Rhonda, Donald, Elaine, and I seem to be on the same page in believing the city is not doing a good job enforcing our Municipal Codes. Some have placed the blame on the sheriff but such accusations are misplaced. The sheriff and his deputies are sheepdogs and it is against their nature not to vigorously protect and defend you and your property. As humans we are made up of three very distinguishable breeds " sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Most of us are sheep who politely and considerately go about our daily lives. We all know who the wolves are. They are the individuals and entities that prey upon us for their own selfish purposes and greed. Wolves, as we know from Goldilocks, are also masters of disguise. Sheepdogs are those tireless law enforcement officers, military personnel, firefighters, and other public servants who place their lives at peril to keep the wolves at bay on our behalf. So what is our city government composed of. Are they sheepdogs (as they should be), sheep, or big bad wolves? We already doubt they are sheepdogs as it is pretty clear they are not looking out for us regular folks. They could be sheep if their actions or inactions are being done for fear of alienating the wolves. And then, they may just be wolves. Historically, there has never been a shortage of wolves in positions of power.

So what does Carson do about its bad neighbors? From experience, I doubt they will modify their self-centered and inconsiderate behavior. The Golden Rule has to imprinted upon one's moral compass at a very young age. That leaves us one choice. We need to get sheepdogs back in charge at City Hall to protect us from the wolves. I am pretty sure that is what we are paying for them to do.


Carson City

Something in common with Heller

Short and to the point ...

When my husband and I bought a home some years ago, here in Carson City, I found via the Nevada Appeal that we were late in paying property taxes. We were told during the transaction of purchasing that the taxes were adjusted and taken care of. I had to pay a penalty although I had never received any notice from the city that taxes were due. The clerk said it was sometimes a year before their notice of change of ownership was posted.

This was unfair to me and perhaps just as unfair to Mr. Heller.


Carson City


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