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Why race is a factor in the election

Despite all the protestations to the contrary from the left, and their friends in the main-stream media, this year's presidential election is ALL about race. Obama and his handlers know that just as some will vote against him because of the color of his skin, they are banking on even more voting for him simply BECAUSE he is black. That is why Obama continues to inject his race into his speeches.

Mr. Obama is an empty suit with a rock star persona, and a huge anti-American, anti-white chip on his shoulder. You doubt this? Just read his book, and listen to the hate filled rhetoric of the people he surrounds himself with (his wife, The Reverend Wright, Ayers, and etc.), and listen carefully when he speaks off script. John McCain is an American war hero with zero credibility within his own Republican party because of his far left positions on man-caused global warming, illegal immigration, education, and campaign finance reform, and even his own party doesn't want to vote for him.

Ninety percent of black America will vote for Obama solely because he is black, and the mainstream media will applaud the vote as a show of solidarity and support for " one of their own"! The left will vote to elect a black president because they think it will show we are "progressive" and they hope that will make our European neighbors like us.

When 90 percent of whites within the Republican Party vote for McCain, the same media will roar that racism and bigotry is alive and well within the G.O.P. Anyone who openly expresses his opposition to Obama, for any reason, will be branded a racist, and we all know that that is the "kiss of death" in our p.c. society.

Fortunately, there is a whole cross section of hard working , tax paying, voting, Americans who are sick to death of having their thoughts and words censored by the p.c. thought police; and they will express this displeasure in the privacy of their own voting booth. The result will be a shocking McCain victory. These are just some of my own thoughts on the 2008 presidential election. If you don't like them, that's why your computer has a delete button. If you do like them, feel free to pass them along.


Carson City

Public access channels are really limited in access

What is the use of public access channels when their access is limited to those who wish to buy the box for premium stations? And, what will removing government information from readily- accessible channels do to an open, accessible government?


Carson City

Prison closure won't save much

The License plate factory, the prison inmate labor for government projects, and the inmate labor for fire protection etc. are all jobs we will have to fill in the future. When you add up the costs of having these done and the costs of actually eliminating the prison, (moving inmates, hiring for the spots that will be vacated by the prisoners) it will cost Nevada a lot more. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had it right. When the economy was bad he created jobs. The jobs put money back into the area and people spent money and paid taxes. If he wants to save money, put desert landscaping on all Nevada state buildings. That will save on water and gardener costs. Stop eliminating jobs and start stimulating our economy.




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