Letters to the editor

My husband, John, is very ill and we have been fighting with Social Security for a year now. They sent us letters to say he is approved for medical and non medical but he doesn't get it due to Workers Compensation, which he got in 2003 in a lump sum, so he has not been getting any money.

He has been in the hospital since Aug. 7, and hospice came in to see him and said they can't do anything because he needs 24/7 care, and I can't give him that because I have to work, so they want him to go into a nursing home. Well, I can't afford that, I am trying to play the catch up game with the house payments and bills and doctor bills. And he wants to be cremated and I can't afford that either.

We are about to lose everything, and it is so hard to get caught up on things. I have been taking so much time off to take care of my husband and it is so very hard. So what do I do? I have no one to help me. So what does someone like me do to get the help a loved one needs? I am trying to not let him know about possibly losing our house and about the bills, he doesn't need to know due to how sick he is. The doctors tell me he doesn't have a very long time to live. So where does someone like me turn to? So when he does go I will miss my love and partner so very much. Thank You.


Carson City

Many people helped make the city's birthday a success (and here are just some of them)

Carson City had a fantastic 150th birthday party, but it did not go off without the help of many, many people. Therefore, I would like to thank all those people who were so helpful to me, individually, as a member of the committee.

The Nevada National Guard's men and women came through with not one, but two, tents that made the difference between the visitors having shade, or being cooked like eggs in a frying pan (someone told me that the temperature on the asphalt that day was over 140 degrees ... whew). They not only serve our country, but right here in Carson City, too.

Ron Thornton's Boy Scout troop #45 helped us by setting up all the tables and chairs and assisting wherever they could. Then Nick Favero's troop #44, under Dave Vannucci's guidance (and with help from Mrs. Favero and girls), took down the tables and chairs and policed up the place after it was over. What great people ... Scout's honor. The entertainers really "entertained," beginning with the Wild Horse Children's Theater group singing their adorable hearts out.

Mona Burgess's Kaulana Na Pua O Hula hula'd as well as any in the islands ... simply lovely. We then had Andie Anderson's BAC Stage Kids, and after a technical glitch with the sound system (isn't there always one?), they captivated the audience with their songs and actions. Then, horror upon horrors, there was a hold up! Shar'f Deke was killed trying to arrest Ross Mortinson's Horse Thief Canyon Desperados, who, after many arguments, killed each other off in a wild gunfight, leaving only two lovely ladies with the loot. Mercy ... and in wool outfits, too. After the heat of the day, they deserved it ... but the Museum better check their gold and silver items.

Proscenium Player's Bob Reid and June Joplin (of Comma Coffee fame) presented songs, including excerpts from Bob's musical "I Say Nevada," featuring one of the most witty and clever songs ever heard entitled, "I'm in Love With Harry Reid." June's interpretation was enchanting, and can be seen at the BAC in November (big plug). Denver Dickerson brought in the Paul Roth Quintet ... elegant, smooth jazz, and the day finished with Yolanda Sultana's Babylon Babes, who drew a very appreciative crowd with their undulations ... spectacular.

I also would like to add many thanks to our entire committee, Maxine and Fred Nietz, Melodie Masterson, Loretta and Tony Marcin, Rob Galloway, Lynette Cameron, and Dana Freund, Denver Dickerson (there were others, too, but my brain fails). They put in Trojan efforts. Mayor Marv Teixeira, Supervisor Shelly Aldean, and City Manager Larry Werner, also helped us out when we needed it. Thanks to Joe and Ben of Sierra Ink for being so nice; Tyrone, for helping out; John Hurzel and Juan and Rose Castillo, and everyone else who lent a hand. Watching the kids with blue frosting all over them, from the 2008 cupcakes (thanks to Wal-Mart), was worth the trip. So, eternal thanks to all who pitched in ... I know there are many others who helped, but these are the ones who came to my particular aid. Thank you all.


Carson City


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