Letters to the editor

Carson landfill too expensive for Lyon residents

I live less than five miles from the Carson City landfill, and have a Carson City zip code, yet I am charged an outrageous amount of money to dump my own personal yard debris. I used to take it to the Dayton Transfer Station, but since it was burned down I have no other choice but to take my stuff to the Carson City Landfill, which I cannot afford. Since nobody wants illegal dumping you would think that Carson City would be more reasonable. What would cost me $20 to dump in Dayton just cost me $75 in Carson. Something needs to be done. Why does dirt and weeds cost so much?


Mound House

Bridge will be windy and icy

We enjoyed and appreciated Geoff Dornan's article about the Pleasant Valley freeway project. I've heard people say they will never drive on those bridges in the wind but I have another concern regarding winter travel. It's common knowledge that moisture on bridges freezes faster and lasts longer than on normal roads. Did Mr. Dornan by chance ask the NDOT folks how they will contend with the ice buildup on those bridges?


Carson City

We all need affordable insurance

I can understand some of Mr. Shaw's feelings about following the Constitution and states rights. What I have a problem with is people "many of whom do not have nor want health insurance." Come on, nobody wakes up in the morning and says "can't wait to get an illness where I will be bankrupted," or "gee, I don't need a regular family doctor." Everybody needs affordable insurance.

Mr. Shaw, there are people who, if they do the best well intended work they can will only make $8 an hour. Even if their employer provides some kind of plan most of them can't afford what the insurance company demands the employee pay. I think insurance companies should be run as a non profit, but that's my opinion. I feel this country is being run by way too many robber barons.

I forget who said it, but I love the quote, "A society is judged by the way it treats the least of its citizens."So true.



Let your voice be heard

Well, yet another day of reading the Letters to the Editor, and shaking my head. I ponder ... do I write to dispel someone's lack of information regarding a nominee for president? Should I try to educate someone who does not want to be educated, who just wants to belittle the other candidate, who just wants to spread their own negativity? Would a kudos to the person who wrote a superb letter to the editor create unity, unity among those of us who will be voting, among those of us trying to embrace our freedom of the right to vote? Is my opinion important enough to be heard by anyone but me?

We need to educate ourselves, taking in all forms of media (Internet, television, periodicals), not restricting ourselves to just one news channel, one newspaper, one Web site. Vote after researching, and learning all that you can about the nominees. Vote when you have made the best decision that you can. Vote for whom you would like to lead our country, a country that gives you the right to vote. Your vote matters. Use your voice. Be heard.


Carson City


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