Mall expansion coming along

The renovation of the Carson Mall Shopping Center is coming along well and about two new restaurants will be open in October, said Kevin Ray, a representative for the mall.

About four restaurants and three retail stores will be part of the first phase of the mall's expansion, which began about six months ago.

The mall announced last summer a five-year $12 million expansion that would add about 20 stores, but representatives have since said it will focus on the first phase and the entire expansion is being reevaluated.

The new restaurants will be great for the city, Ray said, especially with hundreds of state workers nearby on Stewart Street.

"We know they're always looking for new places to go," he said.

This is the mall's first renovation since it was built in 1964 by Francis Carrington, the head of the company that owns the mall, the Eureka, Calif.-based Carrington Co.


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