Medical school dean far from highest paid

There is a doctor at the University of Nevada School of Medicine who makes more than $1 million a year.

But contrary to a report printed in the Nevada Appeal on Wednesday, it isn't Dr. Ole Thienhaus, dean of the school. His salary, according to spokesman Anne McMillin, is $375,000.

Dr. William Zamboni, head of the school's surgery department, is budgeted this year to make $1.42 million.

McMillin says he's worth every penny because almost all of that total is money he brings in through his practice. Zamboni was described as a highly respected cosmetic surgeon who is in great demand in southern Nevada.

"He generates 80 percent off his own income and a significant portion of the revenues for the University Health System clinical practice," she said.

The state general fund actually pays just 15 percent of Zamboni's salary to teach surgical techniques - about $213,000.

She described him as "truly an asset to the residents of Nevada," saying he is also nationally known for his work in advancing limb reattachment surgery and renowned for his medical innovations.

The position showed as the top paid post of any in the university system, one of 1,328 posts which are paid more than $100,000.


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