Tim Terry from the Little League World Series

Editor's note: Tim Terry, who served this past season on the Carson City Little League Board as director of player and coach development, volunteered to be an usher at this year's Little League World Series.

Now that there are less games being played in the Little League World Series, Tim Terry has had a chance to interact more with the fans. Among the groups that Terry has interacted the most with are the fans from Guam and the fans from Mexico.

Even though Terry doesn't speak Spanish and the Mexican fans don't speak English, the barrier has been removed.

"I can't speak hardly two licks of Spanish," Terry said. "It's the common demoninator, baseball."

The World Series has also gone as Terry expected with Mexico advancing to face Japan in the International Championship Game and Louisiana facing Hawaii in the U.S. Championship Game. The winners of those games on Saturday will play Sunday for the Little League World Series title.

Terry likes Mexico to beat Hawaii in the championship game. "I've never been a great prognosticator so we'll see what happens," Terry said.

The most popular item for the fans at the Little League World Series has been Italian ice. Vendors sell 30 to 40 of the sweet treats in no time.

"They're sold in just a couple minutes," Terry said.

"They're coming in and out of the stadium all day long," Terry also said about the vendors selling Italian ice. "I'm eating two or three of them a day."


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