Volunteers, staff clean Carson Middle School

Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal

Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal

With less than two days left before the start of school, staff and volunteers worked Saturday to get Carson Middle School ready for students.

"It's been tremendous," said Sam Santillo, principal of the school that was remodeled over the summer. The renovation includes a 40,000-square-foot addition and reorganization of the layout.

Now each grade, sixth through eighth, will have its own wing.

"I think (the students) will be amazed," Santillo said. "We've got a 1956 building with a 2009 architectural design."

Santillo said about 50 volunteers showed up last weekend, mostly from the Clear Creek ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Volunteers also showed up Saturday from the same organization, as well as the Carson City Rotary and member of the parent-teacher-student association.

Staff also had their families and friends come in to help. Superintendent Richard Stokes volunteered as did school board trustee John McKenna.

"We wouldn't be as far along as we are without them," Santillo said.

Carlos Mendeguia stood amidst a pile of empty boxes Saturday. He'd helped his wife, eighth-grade English teacher Hilary Mendeguia, unpack textbooks and put them on shelves.

Boxes still needed to be broken down and desks arranged.

But Carlos Mendeguia said he was happy to help.

"They're scrambling," he said. "The teachers were only recently allowed in."

Hilary Medeguia's former student David Eller, 18, also showed up to help. He graduated from Carson High School last spring, and also attended Carson Middle School.

He was surprised by the changes.

"It's way different " the front and the back," he said.

When he went to Carson Middle School, and until last year, there were several buildings on campus, including 11 portable buildings.

To change classes, students often had to walk outside. Now, they will all be contained within one building.

Santillo said there are 1,178 students enrolled this year in the school. If they all show, that would be about 150 to 170 more than last year.

Although he's put a lot of work into getting the school ready, he said he's ready for the first day Monday.

"I'm a little tired " I've been here all summer," he said. "But I'm really excited, really enthusiastic."

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