Doctors prepare him for a different procedure

Despite hundreds of people showing up for bone marrow testing on behalf of Cameron Hardy, no match was found. Now doctors have scheduled the Carson City 19-year-old for a cord blood transplant, his mother said Wednesday.

Michele Lynn said in an e-mail that Cameron will go to the University of California, Davis, for the procedures on Sept. 2.

"The transplant team (was) unable to locate a donor match for Cameron and were concerned at this point that timing was now their main focus. UCD began searching cord blood registries and came up with two that matched each other as well as being a good match for Cameron," Lynn wrote.

Lynn said the transplant is a new procedure, especially when using two donors at once.

According to the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, cord blood is harvested from the umbilical cords and placenta immediately after a mother gives birth.

If the treatment is successful, the stem cells from the cord blood will survive in a patient's bone marrow and produce healthy white blood cells.

"The team at UCD anticipates at least 100 days (in the hospital) and everything now is based upon how Cam does, step by step. Cameron will be admitted the first round for five weeks. Then, discharged to a local recovery residence ... he will have to remain at the hospital grounds for daily care," she said.

Lynn expressed her gratitude to the hundreds of people who showed up on June 22 to be tested for a bone marrow match for Cameron.

"You all mean so much to us and we know you are all keeping your chins up with great faith and positive attitudes. Remember: 'Two Thumbs Up,' as Cameron always says."

His mother will remain at his side during the procedure.

Cameron was diagnosed in 2007 with acute myeloid leukemia.

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