Hinkey wins, Peralta falls

FALLON " Friday's seven-fight card at the Churchill County Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena was billed "History in the Making." Two minutes and 20 seconds into his six-round, main-event fight with McDermitt's Derek Hinkey, Ben Aragon was just history.

The quick and powerful Hinkey ended matters early when he connected with a first-round left hook that froze Aragon in place and then followed up with a superfluous right hand before referee Vic Drakulich could jump in and end matters.

Aragon, of Billings, Mont., now 7-12-2 with 5 knockouts, went down and stayed down for several minutes before finally getting up.

"This guy came to me " I knew I could get him to run into an uppercut and some choppy right hooks," said Hinkey, who is 6-1 (6) and now fighting at middleweight, down from the environs of the super middleweight division. "My power is a little bit more devastating at 160. I don't think 154 is out of the question."

Aragon, 155, was unafraid and tried to force the fight, but it only added to the impact when he walked into Hinkey's shots. Once he was hurt, Aragon wasn't given a chance by Hinkey.

"I'm a boxer-puncher, not just a puncher," Hinkey said of his six early stoppages. "I'm just going to try to get better and better. These small gloves, when I break a guy down, I just want to unload with everything. I've got to work on taking my time."

Neither time nor the judges were on the side of Carson City's Mike Peralta, who came up on the wrong end of a six-round split decision to Khadaphi Proctor, of Hesperia, Calif.

Glenn Trowbridge had Peralta ahead 58-56, but Duane Ford and Eric Cheek each saw it 58-56 in favor of Proctor. The Nevada Appeal saw it 58-56 for Peralta.

The 26-year-old Peralta got off to a slow start, but seemed to have a decent third round and was clearly the aggressor in the fifth and sixth.

Referee Pat Schellin warned Proctor, now 3-2-1, for a low blow in the third, but Peralta felt that points should've been taken away from his opponent.

"The low blows took an effect on me," said the 137-pound Peralta, who fell to 4-3 (1). "He (Schellin) told me in the corner he'd take away points the next time. He was the same referee in my last loss (to Luis Lazano in March 2007) at MontBleu (in Stateline).

"I started off doing what I had to do for any fight. Then (Proctor) hit me in the (testicles). It took my legs away."

Schellin defended his decision not to dock Proctor, 136, for the perceived fouls.

"(Proctor) hit him with one low blow " the rest were on his hip," Schellin said. "(Proctor) hit him a lot on the sides. Peralta told me they were low. I told him they were on the sides and I wasn't going to take away points."

Reno's Theron DeLorme used his 150-fight amateur experience to his advantage in his pro debut, outslicking Manuel Cotrich for a four-round majority decision.

DeLorme, 134, fended off a wild first-round attack by Cotrich, 136, of Las Vegas, and began to find his range in the second round and continued turning it up through the fourth.

"I felt where he was at. By the second round I could tell where he'd be and would pop his head up with an uppercut and throw my hands," said DeLorme, now 1-0. "This is just the beginning. At one time I didn't love amateur boxing. Tonight, I fell in love with professional boxing."

Cotrich fell to 0-2.

In other bouts:

- Raul Duhart, of Las Vegas, used a blizzard of punches to stop Yerington's Andrew Rempp 1:37 into the first round. Duhart, 137, was all over Rempp, 131, from the beginning. Drakulich waved it off with Rempp, who is the cousin of Yerington super middleweight Jesse Brinkley, trapped along the ropes and not punching back. Duhart is now 2-0 (2). It was Rempp's pro debut.

- Jacob Chavez, 182, notched his first pro victory, scoring a four-round decision over Julio Diaz, 178 1/2, who was making his pro debut. Chavez, 1-3, of Las Vegas, got off to a fast start and cut Diaz, of Las Vegas, over the left eye with an inadvertent elbow in the first round.

- After fighting their way to two draws this year, there was finally a winner between David Springer, of Las Vegas, and Jose Pacheco, of Guanajuato, Mexico. The 117-pound Springer was slightly more effective against the busier Pacheco and took a four-round majority decision to move to 1-0-3. Pacheco, 122, fell to 0-3-4.

- Big Clarence Tillman, of Henderson, scored a second-round knockout over Michael Goins, also of Las Vegas. The end came when the 298-pound Tillman put Goins, 221, out on his feet with a left hook before dropping and discharging him with a right hand at the 1:55 mark. Tillman is now 1-1 (1). Goins is 1-2 (1).


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