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Library appreciates honesty and unselfish act of NDOCstaff

Carson City Library receives many donated books, some of which are added to the Library's collection, given to the Friends of the Library's book store, or are channeled to other appropriate homes in need of books in good condition. The Department of Corrections is one of the agencies which receive these books.

Earlier this month, a staff member from the Silver Springs Conservation Camp was inspecting a box of donated books to ensure no contraband was in them prior to distributing the material to inmates at the camp. In doing so, the staff member found a $100 bill tucked between the pages of one of the books the library had donated.

Although the staff member was performing according to her job's responsibilities, the fact that she had the integrity to go the extra step and ensure that the money be returned to the library is an incredible act of honesty and quite heartwarming. It is my pleasure to extend kudos to the Nevada Department of Corrections for the responsible behavior and unselfish act exhibited by staff from NDOC.


Sara Jones

Carson City Library director

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