Boat registrations need to be renewed

According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), if you have a motorboat that was registered in Nevada during 2007, the time has come to renew that registration. Likewise, if you have recently purchased a new or used motorboat but have not yet registered the vessel, the time has come to do so.

In fact, all Nevada boat registrations expire on Dec. 31 each year and a change of ownership or address must be reported to NDOW within 10 days of that change.

"People don't always think about boating and the essential paperwork while it is still cold outside, but the weather can quickly turn and before you know it the temperatures are warm enough to go boating," said Kathy Teligades, who oversees boat registration for NDOW in Las Vegas.

Registration renewals can easily be done online or at one of the department's offices.

To register a newly acquired vessel, new or pre-owned, boat owners must visit one of those offices and bring in the paperwork associated with the vessel purchase.

Boat buyers are encouraged to call ahead so they know which paperwork is required for their particular circumstances and to determine whether they will need to bring the vessel in for an inspection.

Renewals for boats registered in Nevada can be completed online with a credit card at

In order to do so, the boater must first locate the access code on their official renewal notice and use that to access their vessel's record.

NDOW does not accept credit cards at any of its offices, but will accept cash or checks.

To date, more than half of Nevada's boat owners have renewed their vessel registrations, but that means there are about 30,000 more to go.

As soon as temperatures begin to warm, the length of the renewal and registration lines will begin to grow, said Teligades.

When an online renewal is complete, boat owners will receive a temporary authorization number that will allow them to operate their vessel on Nevada waters for no more than 10 days after it is issued.

That authorization number must be carried while operating the vessel and until the official registration and decals are received.

The decals must be placed on the bow of the boat and the registration carried on board whenever the boat is being operated.

For information, call the Nevada Department of Wildlife at 688-1500 during regular business hours.


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